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goodbye england

travel journal

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Travel 2009
August 26th-September 29th: Southern Africa!
Five weeks with Mark and Andy travelling in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.

Travel 2008:
July 24th-August 31st: Australia!
Ten days on my own in Melbourne before flying to Cairns to meet the family in Port Douglas and then travelling with them down the east coast. Flying out of Melbourne and spending a night in Hong Kong before arriving back in London.

Amsterdam in March for a few days with a few friends.

Travel 2007:

Justin left for Sydney, via Hong Kong (for a few days), January 16th.

Lauren's Countdown:
Departure: 7th February London-Sydney

Until I start my travelling
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My Itinery:
7th feb: London-Sydney
18th feb: Sydney-Wellington
26th feb: Wellington-Sydney
2nd march: Sydney-Jakarta
17th may: Bangkok-Ho Chi Minh City
30th june: Ho Chi Minh-Bangkok
3rd july: Bangkok-London

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